Neswick Street Party

Over 400 people came along to a street party on 20 September 2009 in Neswick Street in Stonehouse.

There was yummy food, interesting information, childrens activities, cycle lessons, music and dancing in the street!

Comments made on the day...

It's a good thing. It's about time we get to see what's going on! Mrs Jeffries, No 23

It's been a lovely day, PLEASE do it again. Paulin Jory

Good idea, good music, good food, good attendance, do it again. Zita

Very good, my little boy loved it. C Finnegan

Very good and it's nice to see something being done in Stonehouse. Maya
Great idea for the children and for community spirit. Jamie Howell & Kate Jarvis

Amazing, should do it more often, brilliant. Terry & Susie

Really worthwhile, nice to see so much support for and from the local community. What a great day.
Amanda Hampson